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Updated August 7, 2007

DVD Forum Seminar 2007 Presentations on the Day (in Japanese, Member's Only)
Date: July 18, 2007 (Wed.), 13:00-17:15
Venue: Sabo Kaikan Annex, Sabo Kaikan (URL:
Map to the venue:
(All speeches are in Japanese only)

1. Opening Remarks
2. DVD specification updates
3. Content Protection Technology for HD DVD & AACS updates
4-1 HD DVD Video Specifications: Advanced Content
4-2. HD DVD Advanced functionality: Interactivity and Network functions through the Internet
4-3. Demo:HD DVD Advanced functions on HD DVD titles
5. Copyright protection: an approach from the movie industry
6-1. Specifications of CSS Managed Recording
6-2. Expectations on CSS Download: from the standpoint of the content industry
6-3. Expectations on CSS Download: from the standpoint of -R media manufactures
6-4. CSS Download licenses: formats & Logo licenses
6-5. Panel discussion on CSS Download
Qualifications for Attending the Seminar: -The DVD Forum Member, or
-People of DVD related industries who receive invitations to the seminar from the DVD Forum
Fee: Free of Charge for the DVD Forum Members and Invited Guests




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