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Updated May 26, 2008

No. Voting Subject Result Decided on
1 Approval of
  "DVD Forum's representatives on the Licensing and Enforcement Committee under the China FLLA, serving from Feb. 2008 to Feb. 2010:
For the CE Industry: Toshiba
For the IT Industry: ITRI
For the Content Publishing Industry: Warner "
Approved March 18, 2008
2 Approval of
  "China HD DVD-ROM Disc TS Ver.10.0"
Approved March 26, 2008
3 Approval of
  "China HD DVD-Video Profile Disc TS Ver. 10.0"
Approved March 26, 2008
4 Approval of
  "China HD DVD-Video Profile Player TS Ver. 10.0"
Approved March 26, 2008
5 Approval of
  "PC HD DVD-Video Format Authoring Software for HD DVD/DVD writable discs TS Ver.1.0"
Approved March 26, 2008
6 Approval of
  "Toshiba as the FLAG Chair, serving through Feb. 2010"
Approved April 11, 2008
7 Approval of
  "DVD Specifications for High Density Read-Only Disc (HD DVD-ROM) for Blue Laser Optical System Part 2 FILE SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS Version 1.9" for ROM51
  Sony returned the draft Specifications without opening the package.
Approved April 16, 2008
8 Approval of
  "DVD Specifications for DVD Download Disc for Dual Layer (DVD-Download for DL) Part 1 PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS Version 1.9"
Approved April 16, 2008
9 Approval of
  "Revised Logo for China HD DVD"
Approved May 26, 2008




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