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Updated March 8, 2006

No. Voting Subject Result Decided on

Approval of the issuance of the following drafts with the condition:

1) DVD Specifications for Recordable Disc for Dual Layer
(DVD-R for DL) Part 1, Ver.3.0"
2) Optional Specifications 4X-SPEED DVD-R for DL

“There is one problem found in the test by the existing DVD-R writer, however it can be solved by changing part version in the format.

This is not significant change of the format and thought to be no problem for other drives, because all other drives on the market eject the new disc by recognizing it as incompatible. This part version change will give more information that the disc is incompatible with current drive.
After confirming the new proposed change is not problem, we will issue the proposed change as supplemental information, however it will remain as tentative until confirmation."

Approved February 4, 2005




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