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Updated June 30, 2008

DVD Forum Japan Conference 2007 Presentations on the Day (mainly in Japanese, Member's Only)

Date: October 4, 2007

Venue: Josui Kaikan, Tokyo (Map in Japanese)

Target: DVD Forum Members and Journalists

Fee: Free of Charge

Registration: Visit here (DVD Forum Member's Only ID/PW is required. The site is in Japanese)

Agenda: All the presentations are in Japanese or Japanese Translation Program in Japanese


Time Length Topics Speakers
10:00 (5min.) Opening Remarks Dr. H. Kano
PCC Chair, Sanyo
10:05 (20min.) DVD Forum TCG/WG Activity Report Mr. K. Miwa
TCG Vice-Chair, Lenovo
10:25 (20min.) Update on DVD/HD DVD File Spec. Mr. H. Takahashi
WG-3 Vice Chair

10:45 (20min.) Update on HD DVD Physical Spec. Dr. Y. Yamanaka
WG-11 Chair, NEC
11:05 (30min.) Update on HD DVD-Video/Video Recording Spec Mr. H. Mimura
WG-1 Chair, Toshiba
11:35 (30min.) Update on HD DVD on Red Laser disc Network (AH0-16/23) Mr. H. Yamada
TCG Chair, Toshiba
12:05 (5min.) Q&A session
12:10 (40min.) Lunch Break
12:50 (20min.) Update on DVD/HD DVD Content Protection Technology Mr. A. Ishihara
WG-9 Chair, Toshiba
13:10 (30min.) Guest speech-1 "Reexamination of Copy Once" Mr. Y. Seki
Fuji Television Network
13:40 (60min.) Guest Speech-2 "Recent Trends In U.S. Legislation and Legal Cases Regarding Copyright Protection"

(Translation into Japanese)
Mr. Robert Schwartz, ESQ

Partner at Constantine Cannon LLP, USA,
Counsel to Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) & Consumer Electronics
Retailers Coalition (CERC)
14:40 (20min.) Update on DVD-R/RW Media & AH0-21's Activity report Mr. S. Taniguchi
WG-6 Chair, Pioneer
15:00 (5min.) Q&A session
15:05 (25min.) Break
15:30 (80min.)

Presentation "CSS Download"

1) From Contents Industry: Mr. K. Hase (Warner Bros.)
2) From Disc/Media Industry: Mr. J. Ishihara (Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co., Ltd.)
3) From Software Industry: Mr. J. Taylor (Sonic Solutions)

Panel Discussion "Expectations on CSS DOWNLOAD - EST-1 Model"

Moderator: Dr. H. Kano (Sanyo)
- Mr. H. Mimura (WG-1 Chair, Toshiba),
- Mr. S. Taniguchi (WG-6 Chair, Pioneer)
- Mr. K. Hase (from Contents Industry, Warner Bros.)
- Mr. J. Ishihara (from Disc/Media Industry, Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co., Ltd.)
- Mr. J. Taylor (from Software Industry, Sonic Solutions)

16:50 (5min.) Q&A session
16:55 (5min.) Closing Remarks
17:00-18:15 (75min.) Reception






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