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DVD-Audio's Bright Future Detailed in Japan Conference

November 28, 2002 -- A new era is about to begin in the growth of DVD products. That was the overall message to more than 200 representatives of hardware and software-related companies at today's DVD-Audio Conference Japan, held at the Panasonic Center.

Speakers at the conference, which was sponsored by DVD Forum, heard detailed reports that forecast impressive growth for the latest DVD format, based on extensive content protection security and a wide range of end-user applications.

DVD-Audio, said several speakers, is more than superb sound -- it is a spectacular tool that will create a new era in digital audio authoring and production.

Presentations included these major points:

* The latest advanced technologies are being used to assure the total security of DVD-Audio products against hackers and pirates

* DVD-Audio/Video players, just 7% of the DVD player market this year, will grow to 50% in 2004

* DVD-Audio title releases will triple to about 1,500 titles next year, and 3,400 by 2004

* The total number of DVD-Audio titles available also will grow spectacularly, from 780 this year to nearly 5,700 titles by 2004

A series of sound presentations compared DVD-Audio and CD, so that those in the audience could hear for themselves how
DVD-Audio surpasses CD or any previous audio medium for quality and depth of sound.

The Conference also heard how DVD-Audio applications will revolutionize audio and video production as well as provide
consumers with new options for personalizing their DVD-Audio discs.


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