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Updated October 6, 2008

DVD Forum North America Conference

Date: Wednesday October 29, 2008
Time: 13:30-16:00 / Reception from 17:00
Venue: Loews Santa Monica Hotel, Santa Monica, California, USA
as a Special Workshop/Track within the Digital Hollywood Fall event

On-line at (select Digital Hollywood Fall on the left banner).

To obtain your free registration, in the "Name" field of the registration page on the website above, simply enter your name, followed by a comma, space, "DVD Forum Member - Comp" (the "Comp" is for "complementary" or free).
EXAMPLE: John Smith would simply enter "Smith, John, DVD Forum Member - Comp" or "John Smith, DVD Forum Member - Comp"

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Please don’t miss our DVD Forum event Wednesday October 29th at the beach in Los Angeles, and enjoy all the free benefits of attending Digital Hollywood Fall as well!


13:30 Opening remarks
Mark Waring, SANYO

13:40 Update on DVD Forum Activity (Strategic Direction, WG Focus Areas)
Kilroy Hughes, MS

14:10 Update on China HD DVD
Mark Waring, SANYO

Update on DVD-R/RW Media & CSS Download
14:25 Julia Cutler, VP Sonic Solutions or other Sonic Rep. (PLUS DEMO)

14:40 Jim Wuthrich WHV

15:00 Drew Mabry, Nero (PLUS DEMO)

15:20 Douglas Hunter, DDD (PLUS DEMO)
15:55 Closing Remarks
Mark (or other volunteer)

Mark or other volunteer







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