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DVD Forum to Deliver Calibration Discs to Test Equipment Manufacturers and Replicators

Tokyo, Feb. 19, 2001 -- The DVD Forum announced today that it will soon begin to deliver calibration discs to DVD Format and Logo Licensees, who are read-only DVD Disc replicators and/or read-only DVD Disc evaluation system manufacturers, to further assure disc quality control and thus compatibility among DVD products.

Calibration discs, an important tool needed in the DVD manufacturing process, can be used as a certified reference for the calibration of DVD measurement equipment, to assure conformity to industry standards.

The first calibration disc to be offered, developed by Philips and Warner Advanced Media Operations (WAMO) in close cooperation with the DVD Forum's Verification Policy Committee and the DVD Format/Logo License Corporation, is a Single Layer Signal Disc for read-only DVD discs (DVD-Video, DVD-ROM and DVD-Audio). DVD Forum will offer funding for this program.

Each numbered calibration disc will be accompanied by an individual measurement report by the Philips DVD Format Verification Laboratory. This data will be tested against a reference, plus used measurement methods, which is based on International Standards and/or agreed upon in the DVD Forum.

A Dual Layer Signal Disc is under development and will be released later this year.

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