Questionnaire Concerning the Future of The DVD Forum

DVD Forum, MPC

What are your expectations for The DVD Forum now and in the future?

The DVD Forum had been developing various DVD Formats and providing new business opportunities for various industries, including:

Formats Business Industries
A: DVD Video DVD Players, DVD Movie Discs CE, Contents
B: DVD R, RW, RAM DVD Recorders, DVDV Recording Discs
DVD Recording Drives
CE, Media, IT
C: DVD ROM DVD ROM Drives, DVD ROM Discs IT, Contents
D: DVD Downloading MOD, EST, Kiosk Contents, Retail, New

These businesses have grown to about 100 billion-dollars in sales worldwide, and participating industries have enjoyed the benefits of the open standards developed and promulgated by The DVD Forum.

Based on our experience in creating these new formats, we believe there is a strong demand from the market and relevant industries to know "What's next?" To respond to that strong demand, we would like to ask the following questions to all interested companies to determine "What are your expectations for The DVD Forum now and in the future?"

As you know well, the DVD business has matured and industries need new innovations to grow the next generation of businesses. We believe that there are many companies that are looking for such innovations to promote future growth. And, we believe that some companies have already identified potential product innovations in their industries that would benefit from open-standards development by The DVD Forum. So, we would like to know your ideas for future initiatives that the Forum should consider undertaking.

We would therefore appreciate your taking a few moments to answer the following questions:

1. What is your opinion of extending DVD media/applications to the following new media?
Please select from the following media and add any other comments/ suggestions.

IC Memory Cards

New/Other Optical Discs



2. The DVD Forum started work on a Flash Memory Card application as “Stored Video” format.
This format would open the way to use DVD formats on new recording media through the Internet.

Do you have any opinions and/or requests with respect to this new activity?

3a. What is your opinion of other new data-distribution product categories such as eBook and/or Electronic Publishing for future business?
Very Important
Less important
Not important

3b. Do you think that The DVD Forum should study such categories for possible format creation for the benefit of consumers and your industry?

4. Do you have any requests and/or proposals to The DVD Forum regarding the DVD Downloading Format from your current/future point of view?

5. Do you have any requests and/or proposals for connecting your DVD-related products to other systems, such as, TVs, PCs, Portables, and Mobile phones from your current/future business point of view?  (For example, HDMI has became a de-facto standard and wireless connection is under active discussion.)

About your company   (Not only for DVD Forum members but also for outside companies)
A1. Is your company a member of DVD Forum?      
A2. Are there any issues related to the optical disc that you believe the Forum should address?      
If yes, what are they?
A3. Are there any other Storage Devices that you believe the Forum should address?      

If yes, what are they?

A4. Are there any other New Formats that you think The DVD Forum should study?      
If yes, what are they?
A5. Does your company have any window persons to the DVD Forum?      
If yes, who are they?
A6. Does your company have window persons to other standards bodies?      
If yes, who are they?
A7. Do you want to have more information on the DVD Forum?      
If yes, what would you like to know?
A8. Is your company interested in attending/participating in any events
(such as Conferences/ Seminars) sponsored by The DVD Forum?      
If yes, what and how often?
A9. Please check all of your company’s products in the following lists.

DVD-Related Products

DVD Recorders

Portable DVD Disc Players
DVD Movie Software
Discs for DVD Recorders

Other AV-Related Products

TVs (Tube Type)
TVs (LCD, Plasma)
1Seg TV set
Audio systems
Audio Components
Electronic Dictionaries

Digital Photo Frame
Memory Music Players
Digital Still Cameras
Digital Video Cameras
Boom Boxes

PC-Related products

Desktop Type PC
Notebook type PC
Mobile PC (Small/Tablet/Portable)
Hard Disks
Other Drives for PC
PC Monitors
IC Memories
USB memories
Memory-Card readers

DVD ROM Software
Application Software for PC
Recording Software
Producing/Editing Software
Any other peripherals for PC system

Communications Products

Mobile-Phone w/1Seg TV

Fax machines


Game machines
Portable Navigation systems
Digital Clocks
Digital Watches

Home Appliances
Lighting goods
Car Electronics
Electronic Toys
Any other business
A10. Your contact information (Optional)
If you have any other comments, proposals, suggestions to The DVD Forum, please let us know below. 
Please be as specific as possible.

Thank you very much for your kind co-operation in helping us plan the DVD Forum’s future activities.



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