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Special Attention is required, Notes regarding Combination DVD

In response to the requests from users through FLLC, we made an informative reference for Combination DVD, which is the double-sided media that uses different disc types approved by the DVD Forum:

1. Definition

Combination DVD is a physical disc which has a different type disc on each side. For example one side is DVD-ROM and the other side is DVD-RAM.

2. Specification to be applied

Each side of Combination DVD shall be compliant to the corresponding DVD specifications such as DVD-ROM Book for ROM side and DVD-RAM Book for RAM side.

3. Label

Label shall be put on each side. The label and the data to which it refers shall be placed on the opposite side of the disc to each other. In the above case example, ROM label shall be put on RAM and RAM label shall be put on ROM side to avoid user confusion.

<Example of the labels>

DVD RAM/ROM combination


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