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Updated February 28, 2006
9th DVD Forum General Meeting  
    - Presentations (pdf)
Day 1 (General Meeting) : February 23, 2006  
      M/C: Mr. M. Knox
13:30 Opening   Mr. Y. Fujii (Toshiba)
13:35 Antitrust Guidelines Mr. C. Ramos (Attorney)
13:45 Guest Speech   Mr. A. Majidimehr (Microsoft)
14:25 DVD Forum Activity Report Mr. F. Kaneda (Toshiba)
14:55 DVD and Contents Mr. L. Ostrover (Warner)
15:15 DVD and PCs Mr. R. Hayatsu (NEC)
15:35 DVD and CE Mr. H. Satoh (Toshiba)
15:55 Break    
16:15 FY 2005 Accounts Mr. M. Kinokuniya (Mitsubishi), Secretary Office
16:30 Special Feature: "AACS"   Mr. M. Ayers (AACS)
       Advanced Access Content System    
17:20 Q&A and Day 1 Closing / Intermission    
17:30 Reception  
Day 2 (Workshop) : February 24, 2006  
      M/C: Mr. K. Miwa (TCG Vice Chair / IBM)
9:00 Opening   Mr. H. Yamada (TCG Chair / Toshiba)
9:05 PCC* Report Dr. Y. Matsumoto (Sanyo)
9:25 VPC** Report Mr. R. Freedman (VPC Co-Chair/Crest National)
9:45 FLAG*** Report Mr. K. Ikeda (FLAG SG-1 Chair / Toshiba)
10:00 Format/Logo Licensing Ms. E. Soga (DVD FLLC)
10:15 TCG**** Report Mr. H. Yamada (TCG Chair / Toshiba)
10:45 Q&A    
10:50 Break    
  WG Report Part 1: Physical Specifications
11:10 WG-2 Report (ROM) Mr. Y. Cheong on behalf of Dr.J.Ko(WG-2 Chair/Samsung)
11:30 WG-5 Report (RAM) Dr. M. Takahashi (WG-5 Chair / Hitachi)
11:55 WG-6 Report (R/RW) Mr. S. Taniguchi (WG-6 Chair / Pioneer)
12:25 WG-11 Report (Blue laser) Mr.R.Hayatsu/Dr.Y.Yamanaka (WG-11Co-Chairs/NEC)
12:55 Q&A    
13:05 Lunch    
  WG Report Part 2: File System Specifications 
14:00 WG-3 Report (File System) /Q&A Mr.Y.Gotoh (WG-3 Chair/Panasonic)
  WG Report Part 3: Application Specifications 
14:20 WG-1 Report (Video) Mr. H. Mimura (WG-1 Chair / Toshiba)
15:00 WG-4 Report (Audio) Mr. H. Suzuki (WG-4 Chair / JVC)
15:20 Break    
15:40 WG-10 Report (Professional-Use) Mr. J. Yoshio (WG-10 Chair / Pioneer)
16:00 Q&A    
  WG Report Part 4: Content Protection    
16:10 WG-9 Report (Content Protection) Mr. A. Ishihara (WG-9 Chair/Toshiba)
16:40 Q&A and Closing    
*PCC: Promotion & Communication Committee, **VPC: Verification Policy Committee,   
**FLAG: Format Logo Advisory Group, ****TCG: Technical Cordination Group  



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