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Updated November 19, 2007

The DVD Forum Charter - Amendments as of Nov. 15, 2007
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Amendment made on Nov. 15, 2007
Article 10. Working Groups
(1) The Forum shall have the following technical working groups (the “Working Group(s)”) to establish, improve and enhance each format of the DVD products:

(a) WG-1 (DVD-Audio/Video Applications)
(b) WG-2 (Physical Specifications for DVD-ROM)
(c) WG-3 (File System Specifications for Discs)
(d) WG-4 (DVD-Audio Applications)
(ed) WG-5 (Physical Specifications for DVD-RAM)
(fe) WG-6 (Physical Specifications for DVD-R)
(gf) WG-9 (Copyright Protection)
(hg) WG-10 (Professional Applications)
(ih) WG-11 (Blue Laser DVD)
(i) WG-12 (Network Applications)
(j) Other Working Group(s) to be established

WG-4 is merged with WG-1
WG-12 is established


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