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The DVD Forum Charter - Amendments as of June 10, 2004

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1. Amended date

Effective as of August 7, 1997
As Amended as of December 5, 1997,
February 8, 1999, September 27, 1999,
November 19, 1999, November 18, 2003,
February 25, 2004, and June 10, 2004

2. Article 12. Verification: (2)

(2) Verification Policy Committee. The Verification Policy Committee (“VPC”) may be organized by the Steering Committee for the purpose of supervising and establishing policies for Verification. VPC shall be comprised of the Steering Committee members then in office and leading companies, as approved by the Steering Committee, that are involved in the development of DVD formats. The Chair-company of VPC shall be elected by the members of the VPC and approved by the Steering Committee and shall report the activities of the VPC to the Steering Committee.



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