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The DVD Forum Charter - Amendments as of February 25, 2004

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1. Amended date

Effective as of August 7, 1997
As Amended as of December 5, 1997,
February 8, 1999, September 27, 1999,
November 19, 1999, November 18, 2003,
and February 25, 2004

2. Article 6. Organization: (2)

(2) The Forum shall have a Chair Company and three Vice-Chair Companies to be elected from among the Steering Committee members by the majority vote of the Steering Committee members every two (2) years. The Vice Chair Companies shall consist of one company from the CE industry, one company from the IT industry, and one company from the content industry. The Chair Company shall administer overall arrangements for the Steering Committee meetings and the Forum, including all DVD administrative functions. The Vice-Chair Companies shall perform management functions at Steering Committee meetings.

3. Article 8. Steering Committee: (5)

(g) amendment or repeal of the Charter pursuant to Article 17;

4. Article 10. Working Groups: (1)

(i) WG-11 (Blue Laser DVD)
(j) Other Working Group(s) to be established



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