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4.0 T5TXT.DAT/Text Stream

There are five types of text files:

Volume/Track/Index (T0)

Commentary (T1)

Customer Information (T2) and

ITTS packets (T3)

Field Oriented Customer Information (T5)

The types T0, T1, T2 and T3 are reserved.

Type T5 text file is for specific customer information about the title. T5 text file have specific fields of specific lengths.


The contents of the T5 text file are listed in Table 4-1. Unless otherwise specified, these fields are left justified and padded with ASCII spaces (20h).

Table 4-1. T5 Text Stream Contents

Byte Length Symbol Name Value
0-7 8 CNTID Content ID Free character for identifying DVD categories. For example of Video; DVDVideo
8-55 48 DID Disc ID Unique character determined by content owner
56-119 64 TID Title Name Title name or Disc name


64 CID Customer ID

Customer name, Phone #, etc

184-247 64 AID Authoring ID Authoring studio name, etc
148-263 16 ADT

Authoring Date


264-391 128 PAD Reserved for future use  
392-399 8 MDSN Maximum Disc Set Number  
400-407 8 DSN

Disc Set Number



16 MTP

Media type

Tape, HDD, etc
424-551 128 PAD Reserved for future use  
552-555 4 SIZ Number of bytes in MEMO field  
556-1023 468 MEMO

Free for MEMO


Data stream contents

The data stream is formatted as a sequence of packs in one of the forms described above. When data streams are used with sequential access media, they may have the same name as the map packet DSI. Because DDVID uses this data as a stream of bytes, the sector size, record size and blocking factor on the input media are irrelevant.


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