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DVD Cutting Master Format Specification


(1) Purpose of DVD_CMF.

DVD_CMF (Cutting Master Format) is a standardized way of communicating and transferring data between DVD title authoring workstations and DVD glass master cutting systems. DVD_CMF will contain the final "DVD Image File" as well as certain descriptive information that is required by DVD glass master cutting systems to perform the final DVD Encoding steps, including lead-in, lead-out and middle area data generation, compute proper DVD error correction and add optional DVD CSS. DVD_CMF also contains information concerning desired DVD Layer and Side which are used by the Laser Beam Recorder to establish required rotation and translation directions.

DVD_CMF can be used to describe DVD Image Files on any carrier that uses named files. This includes sequential access tape devices that make use of ANSI tape labels, such as DLT (Digital Linear Tape), SONY AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape), Exabyte 8mm formats and D-VHS.

(2) Relation with DDP

DVD_CMF has been jointly developed by DCA and DVD Forum WG1/CMF voluntary members primary based on DCA DDP as a derivative work in consideration of CSS related.

DVD_CMF is technically equivalent to DCA DDP2.10 subset concerning DVD, however the occurrences of "DDP" are changed and renamed to "DDV" for DVD_CMF.

DDP, DDP 1.00, DDP 1.01, DDP2.00 and DDP 2.10 are trademarks of DCA Inc. DDP is copyright 1989-1998 DCA Inc.

(3) CSS Issues

A stable and continuous supply of DVD Contents to the market is essential for a propagation of DVD and an expansion of DVD related industries.

To realize the above, a copyright protection scheme which will give a reliability to copyright owners is essential and should be adopted.

The Content Scramble System ("CSS") is a technical method for protecting the rights of copyright owners in digital materials stored on DVD media.

They are adopted and operate as a voluntary standard.

DVD_CMF (Cutting Master Format) are released with respect for CSS technology.

SMPTE Current Status

SMPTE is currently reviewing this document within their Standards Committee. Balloting initially in February, 1999 with one comment requesting one word changed. I have not been able to find out the details on this comment, when the next round of voting will occur, or the SMPTE Recommended Practice number.


Attached is the DVD CMF 1.00 Dated April 5, 1999.


Prepared by Boon Kelly/DCA Inc. as Chair of AH1-7


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