Steering Committee Meeting, (Sep.10, 2009)

Updated October 15, 2009

46th Steering Committee Meeting (Sep.10, 2009)

No. Voting Subject Result
1 Approval of  
Modification of Annual Membership Fees to,
     Principal Member ¥500,000 / Associate Member ¥150,000
and the relevant Forum Charter with condition of the approval at the General Meeting (Provisional approval)
2 Approval of  
Change of the Charter, Article 8 (3) as the following;
"... The Steering Committee shall meet at least twice a year, one of which meetings shall be held in Japan and shall be followed by the annual General Meeting, and the other of which shall be held in a location other than Japan or by telecommunication. ....."
3 Approval of  
(1) Renewal of The DVD Forum’s Agreement with OMNERC for a period of one year.
(2) DVD FLLC is requested to continue to act as licensor of the C-HD DVD format in China and to renew its license agreement with BOC for a period of one year (and authorizing one-year renewals of BOC’s sublicense agreements thereunder) with an appropriate adjustment of license fees reflecting the shorter term of such license (and sublicenses).
4 Approval of  
Start to study by TVG to create New WG/Ad Hoc for study and create New Specification and relative activities of New E-Book Format based on DVD Format
Not Approved
5 Approval of  
Rules and procedures for the election of the Steering Committee Members /Chair-Company, Vice-Chair Companies for the next two-year term effective from the first SC meeting in year 2010








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