Steering Committee Meeting, (Feb. 27, 2008)

Updated February 27, 2008

41st Steering Committee Meeting (Feb. 27, 2008)

No. Voting Subject Result
1 Approval of
as the Chair Company, serving from Feb. 2008 to Feb. 2010
2 Approval of
Vice Chair Companies, serving from Feb. 2008-Feb. 2010:
Sony from the CE Industry,
Intel from the IT Industry,
Warner from the Content Industry
3 Approval of
TCG, WGs, PCC, VPC officers elected by each organization, serving from Feb. 2008 to Feb. 2010
4 Approval of
The scope of WG-12:
"To study and specify network applications and related network specification of DVD Forum formats, make recommendations for better interoperability and functionality of network connected DVD Forum specified devices and content, and communicate on relevant recommendations with other standard creation organizations"
5 Approval of
Amendment of DVD-TCG and WG RULES for Task Group issues.
The clause to be added:
5.5: Any Task Group Chair Company under Working Group can attend any TCG meetings as an adviser and shall have the same rights and obligations as other TCG members except that the TG Chair Company shall not have a voting right. Any TG Chair Company should be allowed to participate only if the company or organization he/she works for is a principal member of the DVD Forum.
The clause to be changed
6.3.1: A WG may form Task Groups (TGs) as its sub-working group for the accomplishment of specific tasks within the scope of WG. TG structure and Chair Company are subjected to TCG approval.
The word "Convenor of TG" will be changed to "TG Chair Company"
6 Approval of
Acceptance of China Requests described in OMNERC slides dated Jan. 25, 2008 based on WG-1 technical conclusion and to reflect the requests into "Video profile for China"
7 Approval of
General rule for review and approval of requests from CHDA/OMNERC for modification of China HD DVD Format:
1. Change or creation of specification made within China is responsibility of CHDA/OMNERC
2. DVD Forum (TCG) request CHDA/OMNERC to report their activity. TCG will report this status to SC
3. TCG will be a window to receive CHDA/OMNERC technical requests and study about impact to DVD Forum Specification.
4. Modification procedure for Chinese request will be same as other DVD Forum specification change. (Supplemental Information, Optional Specification, Profile, Update...)
8 Approval of
Proposed Budget for the DVD Forum's fiscal year 2008







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