Steering Committee Meeting, (Sep. 12, 2007)

Updated September 12, 2007

39th Steering Committee Meeting (Sep. 12, 2007)


No. Voting Subject Result
1 Approval of
Optional Specifications for HD DVD-ROM Physical Specifications Version 1.2: Triple Layer Twin format, Revision 1.0
2 Approval of 
DVD Specifications for High Density Read-Only Disc [HD DVD-ROM (51G)] Part 1 Physical Specifications, Version 1.9
3 Approval of 
-DVD Download Blank Disc Test Specification, Version 1.0
-DVD Download disc Writer Test Specification, Version 1.0
4 Approval of 
HD DVD & DVD Non-Mandatory Verification Tools Requirements & Guidelines, Version 1.0
5 Approval of 
Logo/Mark for HD DVD Format on Red-laser Recordable Disc
6 Approval of 
1. To extend the MOU for another three (3) months, i.e. until December 31, 2007
2. To authorize CSC to engage in preliminary discussions with OMNERC to facilitate drafting definitive agreements in accordance with the MOU
3. To direct FLAG to discuss with DVD FLLC and other relevant organizations of DVD Forum to facilitate the China Only HD DVD format and logo license agreement, including consulting on preparation of draft sub-licensing agreement
7 Approval of 
China HD DVD Format related issues
-Use of Standard Contents of HD DVD-Video Specifications
-Use of File System of HD DVD-ROM Specifications
8 Approval of 
Rules and procedures for the election of the Steering Committee Members/Chair-Company, Vice-Chair Companies for the next two-year term effective from the first SC meeting in year 2008







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