Steering Committee Meeting, (Jun. 19, 2007)

Updated June 19, 2007

38th Steering Committee Meeting (Jun. 19, 2007)

No. Voting Subject Result
1 Approval of
DVD Specifications for Re-recordable Disc for Dual Layer (DVD-RW for DL) Part 2 File System Specifications, Version 2.0
2 Approval of 
Logo/Mark for 2x speed HD DVD-R/RW
3 Approval of 
The modified MOU for continued discussion and/or signing the MOU as is with OMNERC
4 Approval of 
The following three Certificate Authorities have been selected for HD DVD-Video Version 1.1 players:
Their public keys will be embedded in HD DVD-Video players supporting the Version 1.1 specification, and, they will be listed on the DVD Forum Web page referred to by the specification so that Advanced Application authors can obtain code signing certificates. The Video Application Signed Security Subcommittee will monitor these Certificate Authorities, and make adjustments if needed


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