Steering Committee Meeting, (November 16/17, 2005)

Updated November 29, 2005

32nd Steering Committee Meeting (November 16/17, 2005)


No. Voting Subject Result

Approval of "Disclosure of the information on HD DVD-R DL for Mt. Fuji and MMC*"

Note *MMC: Organization under ANSI. Multimedia Command set.

2 Approval of "Adoption of HD DVD-Video format Recording Function on all the HD DVD-Recordable, Rewritable, Re-recordable discs" approved
3 Approval of "The use of DVD-Video protected with CPRM on DVD recordable media" approved

Approval of "Creation of RPC* Subcommittee under the Steering Committee to reconsider the recommendation of region control system of the DVD-Video format"

[Note] *RPC: Regional Playback Control

5 Approval of "HD DVD Logo rules" approved
6 Approval of "Using "R DL" identifier for HD DVD-R DL logo to distinguish from HD DVD-R single layer disc" approved
7 Approval of "Change of the identifier for HD DVD-Rewritable from "RW" to "RAM"" approved
8 Approval of "The identifier "RW" for HD DVD-Re-recordable" approved


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