Steering Committee Meeting, (September 14, 2005)

Updated September 14, 2005

31st Steering Committee Meeting (September 14, 2005)


No. Voting Subject Result
1 Approval of "Version-Up Information for Part 3 :DVD Video Recording specifications (Version up from ver.1.1 to 1.2) " Approved
2 Approval of "Disclosure of the information on HD DVD-ROM and 3x-DVD-ROM File System to OSTA" Approved
3 Approval of "Optional Specifications 6X/8X/12X/16X-SPEED DVD-RAM rev. 3.0/4.0/5.0/6.0" Approved
4 Approval of "Optional Specifications 6X/8X-SPEED DVD-R for DL rev. 2.0/3.0" Approved
5 Approval of "HD DVD-R for DL Part 1 ver.1.9" Approved
6 Approval of "Optional Specifications 1X-SPEED HD DVD-R for DL Part 1 rev. 0.9" Approved
7 Approval of "Start Specifications development for HD DVD-Re-recordable as a new book type"
Note: Naming of HD DVD-Re-recordable is provisional.
8 Provisional approval of the use of DVD-Video protected with CPRM on DVD recordable media
-Provisional approval subject to further study of compatibility and other identified issues by the TCG and appropriate Working Groups.
-Business issues to be presented by MPAA and 4C
-TCG is instructed to continue this work and report progress at the next Steering Committee meeting in November
9 Approval of "Corresponding to the proposal from China for China only format of HD DVD, the Steering Committee (1) instructs the TCG to create an ad hoc to study about technical feasibility of the China proposal and (2) creates a Subcommittee under the Steering Committee to study and find a way to collaborate with China for next generation of DVD." Approved
10 Approval of "HD DVD-Video Product Guideline" with confirmation of the requirements specified in section 3.2.2 1) and 3.3.2 1) of said guideline that the HD DVD-Video Player shall play HD DVD-ROM discs and 3x-speed DVD-ROM discs containing video content specified in HD DVD-Video book. Approved

Approval of
"-The WG-1 shall study application security for HD DVD-Video players
-A sub committee under the SC shall be formed to study business relationships for application security with a certificate authority to augment WG-1 findings"

12 Approval of "Memory-Tech Corporation as an Class-A Verification Laboratory and a VPC member" Approved
13 Approval of "HD DVD-R for DL Logo/Mark" Not Approved
14 Approval of "Rules and procedures for the election of the Steering Committee Members/Chair-Company, Vice-Chair Companies" Approved

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