Steering Committee Meeting, (February 23, 2005)

Updated February 25, 2005

29th Steering Committee Meeting (February 23, 2005)


No. Voting Subject Result
1 Approval of "DVD Specifications for HD DVD-R Part 2 File System Specifications Ver.0.9" approved
2 Approval of "Enabling HD DVD format to be compatible with AACS" approved
3 Approval of "DVD Specifications for HD DVD-R Part 1 Physical Specifications Ver.1.0" approved
4 Approval of "DVD Specifications for HD DVD-R Part 1 Optional Specifications (1X speed) Rev. 1.0" approved
5 Approval of "HD DVD Case Optional Specifications Rev. 1.0" approved
6 Approval of "Version Up to Ver.1.1 Information for HD DVD-ROM Part 1" approved
7 Approval of "Adoption of High profile for MPEG4 AVC as a mandatory profile for HD DVD-Video" approved
8 Approval of "FGT should be mandatory for HD DVD Player" not approved
9 Approval of "Confirmation of the Clarification of TCG Responsibilities and Procedures (excluding Appendix notes)" approved
10 Approval of "Five Conferences and a seminar in 2005: Asia Conference, China Conference, Europe Conference, Japan Conference, North America Conference, HD DVD seminar in Japan" approved
11 Approval of "HD DVD Rewritable Logo" approved
12 Approval of "DVD-R Dual Layer Logo/Mark" approved
13 Approval of "FY2005 Proposed Budget" approved

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