Steering Committee meeting, (June 9/10, 2004)

The DVD Forum 26th Steering Committee Meeting Resolution (June 9/10, 2004)


No. Voting Subject Result
1 Authorization for Forum Counsel to File Notice Under New U.S. Law, Entitled Standards Development Organization Act approved
2 Draft minutes of the last Steering Committee (Feb/25-26/2004) approved
3 New PR activity rule proposed by Chair and Vice chiars. "After the SC, the results will be publicized by using the general area of DVD Forum website ASAP. The results will only be publicized at this stage by indicating what items were voted upon and the results (approved or not approved). The minutes will be posted on the general area of the DVD Forum website after the minutes are confirmed by the SC members."
4 New Guideline and recommendation for advance notice of steering committee materials proposed by Chair and Vice chairs (to be posted on Forum website for Forum members).

<Guideline and Recommendation>
Recommendation: Any items, reports, etc to be discussed at next Steering Committee meeting to be sent to Chair Company two weeks prior to next SC meeting.
Recommendation: Draft agenda and proposed resolutions plus all associated materials, (TCG reports etc) to be sent electronically to SC members 10 days prior to next Steering committee meeting by the Chair Company.
It will be recommended that all report from other group are not required to explain all of the description on the material but the point on the material should be clearly and easily explained.
5 Proposed amendment to DVD Forum charter 8(5)(a) and 9(5). not appproved
6 Allowing 20 SC members to participate in FLAH, which will be designated a committee. The new committee will recommend a new name to the SC and serve in an advisory capacity with respect to format/logo issues. approved
7 Version up to 2.1 information for DVD-R for General approved
8 2X-SPEED DVD-R Optional Specifications Revision 4.0 approved
9 HD DVD-ROM Physical Specifications ver.1.0 approved
10 Version up of DVD Multi specification (version 1.1) and its posting on the DVD FLLC web site approved
11 Motion to retain the provisional approval of the CODECs until the level of information concerning the licensing terms for VC-9 is the same as the level of information concerning the licensing terms for AVC/H.264. not approved
12 Audio Codec (HE-AAC) for the mandatory audio codec of DVD-Audio ROM-Zone approved
13 PCC Chair: Hitachi approved
14 Amendment of Article 12. (2) of the Forum Charter approved
15 DVD Format/Logo License Agreement to be applied from January 1, 2005 approved

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